Yes, it sure did. Pakistan’s Electronic Media Regulation Authority (PEMRA) has banned Pakistani television channels from airing advertisements with Indian actors, characters and talent because of the recent escalation of Indian aggression in occupied Kashmir.

PEMRA’s notice via twitter

But wait a minute. How are Safeguard soap, Surf Excel, Dettol, Knorr Noodles and Fogg Body Spray ads Indian? Although PEMRA doesn’t clarify which ads have Indian actors and talent they have also banned ads that have “various products of multinationals , which are either produced in India or carrying Indian characters…” suggesting that the list of products/companies they have provided might have had content produced in India.

This is the perfect opportunity for ad agencies to pitch to the companies listed since the ban will stay in affect until the ads are replaced by ones produced in Pakistan. PEMRA also says that if TV channels continue to air the ads, legal action will be taken against them and the TV channel’s license can be suspended.