Sheheryar Munawar has revealed that Priyanka Chopra’s mother was a fan of his acting in the drama Kahi Unkahi.

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Recalling the time when he worked with Chopra on a project in 2015, Munawar in a recent interview, said that Priyanka called him during the shoot and told him that her mother is a fan.


Munawar shared that he was blowing out her hair for the shoot when she called him by his name.

“I instantly died when I realised she knew my name,” laughed Sheheryar. “She then said, ‘My mother is a fan of you’. And I was like ‘huh’? She said yeah, she’s in the vanity, would you join me there for a bit? She wants a picture with you.”

“My play Kahi Unkahi was airing on Zee Zindagi [at the time] and Chopra’s mother found me cute as a child,” said Sheheryar further.

“It was very interesting,” he added, remarking that he was surprised how Chopra’s mother wished to meet a guy who at the time was running around the sets, fetching water bottles and sweeping the floors.

“I was so shocked when it was happening but Priyanka was so sweet about it. She said Sheheryar obviously I know you, my mother is a fan, come with me to the vanity,” he said, adding how there was strict security on the sets and to cross the boundary to make it to the star’s vanity was rare.

“But they were both so sweet, we clicked a few pictures, and there was that,” he added, concluding the story.

“Later, I was the blower guy again when we shot an ad campaign with Sonam Kapoor,” said Munawar, laughing.

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During the interview, Munawar also revealed that he was once interested in becoming a cricketer and practised a lot for it but didn’t pursue it further.