Actor Muneeb Butt took to his twitter handle to share his stance on Shehbaz Sharif’s visit to London. Butt stated that while financial market is crashing, senior cabinet members are travelling.

Last month the Baandi hero reacted to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s announcement as the Foreign Minister of Pakistan. The celebrity Vlogger stated that he is satisfied with the young politician’s addition in the administration.

Daldal star believes that Bilawal is the only one in the new government who wouldn’t need his speech written on a piece of paper while interacting with international media.


Recently he slammed writer and former journalist, Reham Khan on twitter amidst her recent controversy with actor Mishi Khan.

Butt sarcastically told her that he wants to cast her as naagin (snake) in his forthcoming serial.


Actor-host Mishi Khan earlier called out film producer-journalist Reham Khan, ex-wife of chairman PTI Imran Khan for her statements against showbiz celebs extending support to the former Prime Minister.

The Nikaah star turned to Twitter on Monday, slamming for terming the showbiz celebs as ‘mummy daddy actors’, as the latter blamed the entertainment fraternity for not ‘raising their voice against Kashmir issue the way they are doing so against no-confidence vote’.

Furthermore, dubbing Reham as ‘speedy Gonzalves’, the ‘Janaan’ actor said in the video, “On behalf of the actors’ fraternity, we have all the right to support whoever we want to. You should continue with your job of recording irrelevant videos at National Assembly which is actually prohibited, and let us do ours.”

Her message was followed by Reham’s reply who snubbed Mishi by asking netizens if she is the same friend of Imran Khan whom, Reham casted in Janaan in the role of Hania Aamir’s paternal aunt?

“Oh isn’t she that friend of Imran I cast as the phuppo (aunt) in my film Nikah?”

Butt also lashed out on Reham earlier this month for her tweet about actors supporting Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Reham took a jibe at celebrities who are supported Imran Khan amidst the No-motion battle. The Baddua star was quick to hit back at her by saying that when she produced the Hania Aamir starrer Janaan, she took advantage of being Imran’s wife.