Following days of increases in the interbank and open markets, the US dollar fell against the Pakistani rupee on Tuesday as a result of assurances from the government and State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) that the nation will have enough money for FY2022-23 after receiving IMF tranches.

For the third straight session, the Pakistani rupee appreciated versus the US dollar in the interbank market on Tuesday. This occurred as a result of the market’s stability following the government’s assurance that it would successfully tackle the challenging economic situation.

After the rupee dropped for 10 straight sessions in the final days of July and depreciated by about 5 per cent just last week, the dollar began to lose strength on Friday.


Tuesday’s interbank trading ended with the rupee up a pitiful Rs0.46 or 0.19 per cent, reaching Rs238.38, from 238.84 in the previous trading session. In the meantime, the open market exchange rate remained constant at Rs241.

Forex dealers report that the US dollar lost Rs0.94 in interbank trading and is now trading at Rs237.90. The banks are offering to sell dollars for Rs238.50.

The US dollar dropped to Rs239 in the open market after crossing the Rs250 threshold.