Dua Zehra’s father Mehdi Kazmi has filed a new case in the Sindh High Court for the recovery of his daughter. He has alleged that Zaheer Ahmed had kidnapped his daughter.

The petition submitted by Dua Zehra’s father stated that his daughter was 13 years, 11 months, and 19 days old when she was kidnapped by Zaheer Ahmed.

It also stated that all NADRA documents, educational certificates, passports, and birth certificates are available as evidence.


The petition asserts that her marriage with Zaheer is a violation of the 2016 Punjab Restoration Marriage Act. According to a new report by a six-member medical board, which established the adolescent’s age to be between 15 and 16. The petition sought Dua Zehra’s recovery.


Previously, Dua’s age had been established by a medical board to be between 16 and 17, but the findings of the board had been challenged on a technicality.