Chupke Chupke fame actor Aadi Khan has clarified regarding the speculation about him being the special man in Arisha Razi Khan’s life.

The Raaz-e-Ulfat star recently took to her official Instagram handle to confirm speculation about her love life. She confessed her love for her boyfriend by posting a picture in which her boyfriend is holding her hand on a beach.

This lead to speculation by netizens that Arisha’s special person might be her Chupke Chupke co-star. however Aadi has indirectly refuted the rumours by replying to a netizen.


Earlier in July this year, on being asked by a fan about her not being invited to the Hum Style Awards, the Malika-e-Aliya actress answered, “Humay us kay liya kuch publicity stunts krnay houngay phir shyd bula lein“.

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