Bonjour friends! Our beloved Emily (Lily Collins) is back in Paris as filming for the record-breaker series officially commenced on May 3 in France. As per details, filming began in Villefranche-sur-Mer and the paparazzi managed to snap pictures from the sets.

Emily in Paris’ official Instagram announced the news with a star laden video featuring Emily and all her friends.

Cast members returning for the second season include Collins, Ashley Park (Mindy), William Abadie (Antoine), Samuel Arnold (Julien), Leroy-Beaulieu, Bruno Gouery (Luc), and Camille Razat (Camille).


Talking about the second season, creator Darren Star told E! News that Emily might be in for some “surprisingly tough choices”.

“The show’s so much about the culture undermining her expectations of how things are and how things seem. And everything will not be as it seems. It’s always about challenging her American worldview. We certainly have a lot of forks in the road and a lot of places to go,” he added.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the second season will shed more light on Emily’s equation with Gabriel and his girlfriend Camille.

Earlier, in an interview with Vogue UK, Collins had said: “Does Camille like Emily? You can’t really get a vibe, and I feel like that ambiguity is what keeps Emily intrigued. I think anyone in that position would be like, you’re my friend, but now I have this romantic connection [with Gabriel], and I don’t want to hurt you, but… Oh my God! So, you know what, it’s really confusing. I feel like the next season will only create more love triangle drama, although maybe Emily will have a little bit of a stronger handle on the situation… Or maybe not.”

Released on October 3, 2020, Emily in Paris became Netflix’s most-watched comedy of 2020 conquering a viewership of about 58 million households. The series revolves around the life of Emily, a marketing enthusiast from a Chicago-based firm, who is sent to France to help renew the social media marketing strategy of their newly acquired French organisation.

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Emily is faced with difficult expectations to live up to, amusing culture shocks, and a steaming romance with the boy next door.

A release date has not yet been announced.