Exploring the French Countryside


It is always a delight to spend the summer in Europe but spending the summer in the European countryside is special. Think bright, sunny mornings, long, warm afternoons by the pool and cool nights under the starlit sky.

This summer I had the chance to spend the summer in Provence, a historical province in southeastern France. The culturally rich province extends from the left bank of the lower Rhône to the west to the Italian border to the east and is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the south. To be honest, my family and I couldn’t have picked a better escape to relax and unwind from the hustle-bustle of our daily lives.

What’s so special about Provence?

Where to stay

Chateau de Goult

Getting around

Places to explore


Provence Market




Learn how to make French Cuisine

Don’t forget to soak in some Vitamin D.

Just writing this piece has given me a serious case of wanderlust and made me want to go back.

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