Owing to a partial recovery of international orders and government support programmes, Pakistan’s non-textile exports increased by 25.85 per cent year over year to $12.46 billion in the preceding 2021–22.

The value-added sectors are primarily driving overall growth in the non-textile sector. According to data produced by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) on Thursday, the non-textile sector has not yet received full orders to pre-Covid levels.

Despite lockdowns in several nations, three industries—leather clothing, medical equipment, and engineering goods—maintained growth in export revenues in FY21.


Exports of leather clothing increased by 10.15 per cent and those of leather gloves by 10.60 per cent in the value-added leather industry. In contrast, raw leather exports rose by more than 28.50% over the previous fiscal year.

One of the major producers of surgical instruments worldwide is Pakistan. However, well-known brands resell these instruments in western nations. Because of this, the export value of these goods is still extremely low.

In FY22, surgical tool exports experienced a 1.29 per cent decline. Pharmaceutical exports, however, decreased by 0.49 per cent.