Anonymous traders are selling fake COVID-19 negative test reports, vaccines and vaccine passports on the darkweb.

According to reports, the price for vaccine shots ranges between $500 to $750 for AstraZeneca, Sputnik, Singopharm and Johson & Johson.

The vaccines advertised include the Oxford-AstraZeneca at $500, Johnson & Johnson and Sputnik each at $600 and Sinopharm at $750.


Moreover, fake vaccination certificates are being sold by traders on the for as little as $150.

The vaccine-related advertisements have tripped after January. One seller offers next-day delivery, saying, “For overnight delivery/emergency leave us a message.”

Another advert on a hacking forum is offering fake negative tests and reads, “We do negative COVID tests, for travellers abroad, for getting a job etc. Buy two negative tests and get the third for free!”

Sellers of vaccines appear to be from the US, Spain, Germany, France and Russia. Multiple adverts in Russian Cyrillic text as well as in English were discovered.

The mode of payment used for a transaction between buyers and sellers is through cryptocurrency.