Famed Baloch singer Wasu Khan passed away Friday morning. According to his family, the singer was suffering from a prolonged illness and was admitted to a private hospital in Sukkur where he died.

Khan was known for his collaborations with pop singer Shehzad Roy for the show ‘Wasu Aur Mein’ on Geo which explored how the two met. Roy first stumbled across Wasu’s viral Youtube video in 2012 and then began collaborating on songs with him.

The ‘Laga Re’ singer dedicated a post to Khan and called him someone with ‘great political intellect’, and shared a clip of their song ‘Apney Uloo’.


“Wasu Khan passed away this morning. He was unable to read and write, but had great political intellect and wrote political satire. We will miss him. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un #WasuKhan”