The father of the medical student Asma Rani, who was killed in 2018, has ‘pardoned’ the murderer of his daughter, Samaa has reported.

“They wronged my daughter but I have decided to pardon the culprit for the sake of Allah’s blessings,” said Asma’s father.

“I was also receiving threats in connection with the case and I was also told that ‘we are in the government, so you should consent to the settlement’ but I was adamant that I will see Asma’s killer at the gallows,” Dastageer said.


Police say Dastageer pardoned the death sentence of Mujahid Afridi at a Jirga and the formal declaration of the settlement would be announced on September 5.

However, the the member of Marwat Qaumi Jirga has said that they had turned down the request of Asma Rani’s father to attend the meeting that will take place at Kohat’s Tableeghi Markaz, Dawn has reported.


January 2018: Asma Rani was shot dead in Kohat in January 2018 for refusing a marriage proposal. She was taken to a nearby hospital after being shot thrice. In her last video, Asma named her murderer Mujahid Afridi. The video caused outrage in the country. Later, the accused fled the country.

March 2018: Afridi was arrested from Dubai.

April 2018: The trial was transferred from Kohat to Peshawar on the directives of the Peshawar High Court in April 2018.

25 June 2021: District and Sessions Court in Peshawar handed over the death sentence to Mujahid Afridi.