A 30-year-old married man who was upset over his poverty and inability to pay back a loan hung himself on Tuesday in the Kahna area, near Lahore.

According to The News, the victim, identified as Fayaz, was depressed owing to his poor financial situation. Additionally, he had taken on a debt that he was unable to pay back.

He hung himself in a closed room inside his home on the day of the incident. The father also requested an apology from his kids in a message that he penned.


Rising inflation


The growing inflation rate in Pakistan is having an impact on many low-income individuals who are unable to pay for basic essentials including food. Meanwhile, even those with good incomes are struggling to cover their expenses.

Pakistan’s inflation rate has increased to 26.6 per cent in October 2022 from 23.2 per cent in September, placing it along with Ukraine at the 19th rank out of 184 countries where levels of deflation have been measured by institutions specialising in gathering and tabulating economic data.