The federal government on Friday criticised the Sindh government for ‘poor governance’ with ministers holding it responsible for food inflation in the country, reports Dawn.

The criticism came from the government after Prime Minister Imran Khan had claimed the Centre would uplift 14 districts under the Rs444 billion Sindh Development Plan.

Meanwhile, Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry blamed the Sindh government for rising food inflation in the country, alleging that the “Sindh government has left the people of the province at the mercy of mafias”.



He said when sugar price went up to Rs150 per kilo, the Sindh government stopped supplying sugar cane to mills and later blocked stocks of sugar from reaching the markets. He said prices of food and grocery items were still higher in Sindh as compared to other provinces.

However, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), which rules Sindh, slammed the federal government for criticising the provincial government.

PPP spokesman Faisal Karim Kundi asked: “Why does Imran Khan worry so much about Sindh?”

He claimed that Sindh was the only province where free treatment was being given for cancer, heart ailments, liver and kidney ailments.

“If nothing is being done in Sindh, then why do people from across the country travel to Sindh to avail free medical treatment,” he questioned.