Actor Zarnish Khan recently appeared on The Current Life series. In the interview while talking about getting married at the age of 17, She said she would recommend marrying early because one is very flexible and adaptable at that age.

Zarnish khan’s statement went viral on Social media.

Zarnish has now posted a video to clarify her statement.  “Having an opinion is okay, however, imposing it on someone is absurd! Learn to be civil if you wanna co-exist in this twisted world. #EarlyMarriages #RecentStatement,” she captioned her video.


“So, very recently I made a statement in which I said I believe early marriages are good because its easy for you to adjust. All the feminists are after me, a lot of people have a lot of things to say about it,” she said in the video.

She continued by saying that marrying at an early age is not only good for women but men also. “I said that it’s good if you get married in an early age because it becomes easier for you to settle in.”

 “Marriage is all about compromises, not from one side, I don’t say only for women but also for men. For that you need acceptability and patience that fades away with time. In that regard I think if it happens early, it’s not ridiculous.”

The Sun Yaara star added, “However, I also said everyone has a different mindset and by the end of the day it’s a personal choice. Whoever wants to marry whenever is fine, that’s it. I’m very civil that way, I feel that if I have a certain opinion about something, it’s okay, that’s just my opinion, that’s just how I feel. Maybe based on my experience, I don’t know there could be so many possible reasons for that, the way I think, right?”

“And same goes for everyone out there who’s going to see this message so it’s alright. It’s okay for me to have an opinion that I believe in, it works for me. I do not ask you to change yours and cheers on that. I hope we all learn a little something here,” she concluded her message.

Watch the complete interview here: