Feroze Khan has issued a public apology to the ten celebrities whose personal information was leaked to the internet when he posted their personal phone numbers and home addresses on Twitter in a screenshot.

Khan had written in a statement: “As an actor, I know the importance of privacy and value it the most. I never intended that anyone’s peace be disturbed. If any one of my colleagues had to go through any inconvenience I’m deeply sorry for that.”

Actor Muneeb Butt and his wife, Aiman, along with her sister Minal, were among the celebrities whose private info was leaked, but yesterday Butt shared a picture of him and Khan together, and revealed that they had settled their differences and decided to drop the charges against the “Habs” actor.


His statement read:

“..To give us pain and mental distress wasn’t FK’s intention it was a mistake I announce to drop all of the charges.”

Butt had previously filed a stalking report with the cyber crime department against Khan for leaking his and his family’s personal information.

“Whoever is suggesting this to you has thrown you into deep trouble my friend I feel bad for you now you will have to face all of this… Initially I thought it’s a stupid mistake waited for 24 hours but no apology or excuse proved that it was a deliberate move, I thought you were better than that seriously. Complaint registration/ verification process has been completed FIA cyber circle has intiated the inquiry. The process has started, you will have to taste your own medicine now wait for the call,” he had written.

Celebrities like Yasir Hussain had slammed Khan for being ‘stupid’ for first beating up his wife, and then leaking his number to the world.

Actor Sarwat Gilani had shared a screenshot on her Instagram page of the numerous phone calls she had received since her number was leaked by Khan, and publicly announced that she was suing him along with the other celebrities.

Gilani had written: “It is bizarre and despicable that private information, including phone numbers, of various famous individuals has been publicly shared on the absurd pretext of issuing legal notice to them by @ferozekhan Not only are such actions clearly illegal but also demonstrates the total lack of maturity to handle matters in a civilized way.”