Actor Feroze Khan has finally revealed his Sheikh to his online followers. The Habs star uploaded a picture with his spiritual guide and captioned the picture as, “My teacher, my love”.

Earlier in 2021, Feroze mentioned on Tabish Hashmi’s show that he will not entertain any misdemeanor about his Sheikh.

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“Yeh bhi Sheikh ne bola, wo bhi Sheikh ne bola (Sheikh said this, Sheikh said that), this is not a joke for anyone,” the Khaani hero mentioned after Tabish quipped about his relationship with his Sheikh.



“It is my personal thing and I think it was stupid of me to share something so personal on such a platform (social media) because you don’t direct somebody like that. I respect that person. This is sensitive and very personal to me,” Feroze said.

In 2020, Feroze announced he would quit showbiz after multiple interactions with a spiritual mentor her calls Sheikh Sahab.

The actor later shared that his Sheikh has guided him to stay in the business and spread a positive message through his work.