Actor Shamoon Abbasi, Feroze Khan‘s former brother-in-law, recently talked about Khan’s domestic abuse controversy.

Abbasi recently said in an interview, “A lot of my fans and followers asked me about Feroze Khan’s issue, I usually don’t get into others’ personal problems but now I have been asked so I should reply, well, I am no one to judge in this regard, I have also faced these domestic issues which comes in married life and ironically I was married to Feroze Khan’s sister Humaima Malick.”

Feroze Khan’s Ex brother in Law talks on controversy

The Me Bushra star revealed, “We had a good time but there are issues that come between husband and wife, sometimes people exaggerate about it especially when they get social media support, they become a star, actors become public figures, also if social media is making you star then it has the power to ruin your career after your controversy”.



Shamoon claimed that while he doesn’t have the time to delve into these matters, he is aware of the problem because viral stories frequently appear on his phone. Shamoon stated, “now, I have been told that Feroze has leaked addresses of actors who are now in chaos and have taken legal action against Feroze”.

He said, “I have known Feroze since he was a cute kid, whatever has happened with him is his personal matter and no one should get into it, now the actors who spoken about it are taking legal actions, I am not taking Feroze Khan’s side but if you have a stance about it, you should be ready to face the consequences, besides this, it is a short Industry and we should not waste the fame in such fights”.