Veteran actor Firdous Jamal’s outdated statements on Mahira Khan have enraged a lot of the superstar’s fans.

On his recent appearance on Faysal Qureshi’s morning show, Salaam Zindagi where they played a game giving advice to different actors, Firdous remarked, “Sorry to say if someone likes it or not, but Mahira is not heroine stuff. She’s a mediocre sort of a model, she’s not a good actress and not a heroine.

He didn’t end there. The 65-year-old continued, “She’s quite aged as well and we don’t have heroines at this age, they only play the characters of mothers.”



On Sunday, Mahira subtly responded to Jamal’s comments in an Insta post which she captioned, “Desi me rollin’ they hatin’.” Nice on Mahira!

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Desi me rollin’ they hatin’ ?

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Meanwhile, Firdous’ outdated comments on one of Pakistan’s most successful actors sparked enrage on social media and many actors also called him out for belittling Mahira like this.

Even Reham Khan had something to say on this.

Faysal’s comments also received a lot of backlash even though he tried to cover them up later. At the beginning of the segment, he had said, “I honestly wish that at least one of Mahira’s films is a hit this year. Because so far, none of Mahira’s films have done well.”

But no matter what anyone says, Mahira Khan is one of Pakistan’s biggest stars and no one can say otherwise. And age is just a number. Has Firdous sahab even seen the teasers/songs of her latest films? The woman looks dazzling!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to watch our interview with her this Sunday on our social media channels.