They say marriage can make or break your life.

If you’re in a relationship or planning to get married – be careful about these things:

1. Pressure from friends and family  

First things first. You should not marry because your amma (mother) forced you to tie the knot with your khala ka larka ya larki (daughter or son of your mother’s sister). It’s your life and only you will be dealing with your matters. Your parents will not come to rescue if you lack compatibility with your partner. So, think logically before getting into any sort of a relationship.


2. If you’re lonely or depressed

If you think that marriage is a cure for your loneliness or depression – you’re mistaken. Yes, having a great life partner does contribute positivity in life, but getting married solely to solve the above-stated issues will be a disaster. There can be multiple reasons for depression – it can be because of medical or hormonal changes in your body. In that case, it is best to consult a mental health specialist instead of getting married.

3. Love will solve everything

This only happens in Pakistani dramas and Bollywood films. Because, in reality, love will not solve everything. In fact, it will add problems in your life if you’re not good at solving your problems. A good relationship demands great problem-solving skills, right decision making, and above all, lots of commitment.

4. Unrealistic expectations

Tumnay toh kaha tha ke shaadi ke baad (you promised that after marriage).”

Yes, It is a trap, nothing more than that. A person who cannot fulfill commitments before marriage will certainly be unable to keep promises after marriage.

5. Being unforgiving

Mein tumhein sari zindagi maaf nae kar sakta/sakti (I cannot forgive you for the rest of my life).”

This attitude will only affect your life. There are chances that your contemporary partner will move on and may find someone more understanding. It is imperative to let things go and be more optimistic – only if your partner is putting effort.

There are innumerable relationship advices on the internet. However, the ability to learn and adjust to the situation is invaluable.