A video went viral on Twitter a few days ago when Mirwais Haqdost, Afghanistan Television (TV) presenter, was seen conducting a debate in the presence of fully armed Taliban soldiers standing behind him.

A total of eight soldiers were present on the show, fully armed when the TV host presented his set of news.

Talking to an Afghan television later, the presenter said, ” When the program was broadcast, some threatened me by saying you mocked Mujahiddin.”


“Although I gave the questions and they wrote the answers on paper before the program,” added Haqdost.

Twitter reacted to the video questioning the freedom that the Taliban promised saying that people could live and work in Afghanistan without any fear and threats.

A journalist said, “Free press. Taliban’s version of it.”

Journalist Suzanne Kianpour tweeted, ” During which he’s asking the Afghan people to work together with the ‘Islamic Emirate’… flanked by armed Taliban soldiers #Afghanistan.”

Anti-Modi activist and feminist, Kavita Krishnan tweeted, “The world over, parody is dead because reality has killed it. Do not be afraid, the anchor tells viewers as armed Taliban soldiers stand behind him, careful to show themselves on camera to the viewers.”

She further added,”This scene would make for a brilliant semiotics class.”