After eight epic years, 47 Emmys and two dead dragons, Game of Thrones has said an emotional goodbye to devotees worldwide of one of the most popular shows in television history.

However, the creators of the series haven’t exactly been the most careful while producing the finale with two major bloopers outraging fans.


The first one was when a coffee cup made an unfortunate appearance in season eight episode four of the fantasy series, seriously upsetting fans. HBO said that it was a mistake and edited out the coffee cup for later broadcasts and streaming versions of the episode but that did not stop viewers from calling the producers “lazy.”

Two weeks later, in the season and series finale, fans noticed yet another blooper: a plastic bottle. The bottle, hidden behind Samwell Tarly’s boot, was spotted in a crucial scene in the show’s finale, causing the show more embarrassment. It has already received plenty of criticism in its final season, with over a million fans petitioning for its last six episodes to be remade.

Not only that, but some eagle-eyed viewers also noticed a second water bottle next to Ser Davos as well.

Though the final season of the fantasy drama broke records in terms of viewership, it received mixed reviews from critics and fans. Some viewers declared it “a travesty,” while others called it “satisfying”.