Eid-ul-Fitr is all about celebrations and being with your loved ones. But in midst of all the excitement, we often overlook those who are not as fortunate as us and those who are unable to celebrate the festivities with their loved ones.

How about you celebrate Eid this year differently by spending time with patients at hospitals or the elderly at old homes and make someone‚Äôs day extra special? You can take some gifts with you such as clothes, candies, chocolates or flowers to spread the spirit of Eid and happy vibes. If nothing else, your time and attention are more than enough to bring a smile to someone’s face.

The Current put together a list of places where you can go and give back to the community this Eid.



Bint-e-Fatima Old Home (Trust) is a non-profit organisation providing shelter to senior citizens and Gender Base Violence Survivors (women with accompanied children and girls). The organisation is registered with the government of Pakistan. You can make their Eid day special by visiting them, applying mehndi and eating sheer khurma together.

Dar ul Sakun in Karachi is a home for physically and mentally challenged person. It has three branches across Karachi and you can visit any one of them this Eid.


Eid is often more fun for kids than adults. But what about those kids who are unable to enjoy the spirit of Eid? Lahoris this eid, you can go to the SOS Village or Children’s Hospital along with some gifts to cheer up cute little toddlers and teens. It’ll be a lot of fun if you turn up as a desi Santa.

Another place you can go to in Lahore is Old Age Happy Home which is a shelter for senior citizens. You’re bound to come out with more knowledge after spending time with them.


The Umeed-e-Noor centre is Islamabad houses special children, particularly those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. You can take some balloons and toys for these children and play games with them on Eid to cheer them up and bring a smile to their faces.

Street Children

As sad as it is, street children are often neglected which leaves them with few means of survival. So if you don’t know of any organisation in your area where you can go, you can always head out to the slums and spread some joy. These children deserve our time, attention and care. After all this Eid is called the Meethi Eid.

Panah Gahs

The Panah Gahs set up on the orders of Prime Minister Imran Khan in various cities of the country are a great place to go to to spread the spirit of Eid. You can head out to one of the panah gahs with some dessert like sheer khurma or sawaiyan and spread the meetha.ha

P.s. It is advised to call all these before hand and let the management know that you will be coming. That will make the process easy for both you and those who manage these places.