Leading actor of Pakistan drama industry Gohar Rasheed has said that whenever he gets married, he will become a husband like singer Falak Shabir.

Recently, Gohar appeared in an interview with an online portal in which he discussed various topics including his career, recent sociopolitical incidents in Pakistan and his reason for doing the role of Danyal in Laapata.

He also talked about his plans for marriage, while referring to the Nazar-e-Bad actor Sarah Khan’s husband Falak Shabir, he said that he is very impressed by him.


The Mann Mayal star said: “Inshallah! Whenever I get married in life, I will be a husband like Falak because I am very impressed with him.”

The actor said: “In our country, husbands are reluctant to show love to their wives. They are afraid to give flowers to their wives in front of the world. They do all sorts of things, but when it comes to expressing love to their wives, men are afraid to do.”

He mentioned: “I have seen with my own eyes that Falak takes great care of Sarah. When he comes to the seat, he takes care of his wife in front of everyone.”

“It is a great pleasure to see Falak taking care of Sarah and I want every man to take care of his wife in the same way”, he concluded.

He also praised the Mere Bewafa diva for performing difficult scenes during pregnancy.

It should be noted that Gohar and Sarah are currently working together in the drama serial Laapata which is being aired on Hum TV.