According to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) press release, Google has introduced various features and tools to facilitate the operations of telecommunication networks to promote learning and access to authentic information in Pakistan.

The platform has given the Pakistani government an ad-inventory to disseminate accurate information on time.

Moreover, Google has shared tips and resources for remote workers and students so that they can improve the quality of work and ensure productivity.


Google has allowed free access to advance ‘Google Hangout’ which means the users will be able to put 250 participants on audio and video calls so the entire class can attend lectures. The participants can record the lectures and save it in google drive so when they cannot join, they can access the lectures when needed.

Google has also launched a speech-based reading app “Bolo” — based on machine learning — to help children read aloud confidently, using their voice. The app is available in the Urdu language as well.

Apart from these tools and resources, they have ensured measures to combat misinformation. Google has also attached ‘SOS Alert” banner with news from mainstream outlets and information from recognised health organization such as the World health organization (WHO) and National Institute of Health (NIH).

These hubs provide a comprehensive overview of the pandemic, information about its symptoms and measures, as well as current statistics and answers to common questions.

These necassary measures taken by the company because search interest in COVID-19 has continued to climb across the world. At present, this is the most researched topic in the world so it is necassary to curb fake news and misinformation.

In addition to launching new features on the search engine, the platform has rolled out a website—available at — focused on education, prevention and local resources.

People can find state-based information, safety and prevention tips, search trends related to COVID-19, and further resources for individuals, educators and businesses.