The Petroleum Division has tasked energy and technology experts to carry out a technical assessment for the automation of the petroleum sector.

With the help of technology, an automation system will be created that will record real-time data of petroleum products’ daily sales.

The structured and organised real-time data will also help streamline the fuel supply countrywide which would make oil-sector self-sufficient, and save billions on its annual petroleum import bill.


The government of Pakistan is working on a strategy to revamp the oil and gas sector of the country.

The primary function is to supply uninterrupted fuel across Pakistan by recording daily sales of oil depots and petrol pumps along with increasing the technical and professional capacity of the Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA).

According to the officials of the Petroleum Division, they have drafted a bill that will legally bind oil depots and petrol pumps to allow the government to record daily sales once signed into law.

Oil depots and petrol pumps will have no choice but to follow as in case of refusal, OGRA would be legally authorised to seal the disputing depots and pumps and cancel their licences.

“The government will not approve the attitude of Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) from now on and will put an end to the issue of artificial fuel shortage once and for all,” an official said.