Hamza Ali Abbasi’s stance on current affairs, especially regarding Kashmir, appears to have caused quite a stir across the border, so much so that the actor has been labelled an “ISI stooge” by Indian media outlets.

Republic TV in a clip posted to Twitter said that Kashmiris are welcoming Article 370 while “a desperate ISI is using its stooges to spread fake news on Kashmir.” They went onto say that the television channel has identified multiple verified handles which are being used for information warfare. The media outlet called out Twitter for being biased and asked them to remove these handles.

One of those “stooges” was Hamza who has been accused of trying to “destabilise the peace and calm in Jammu and Kashmir and create disaffection within the boundaries of India.” Pictures of Hamza with Hafiz Saeed were used as a backdrop to the conversation.


Apart from being an actor, Hamza was also referred to as a “communal aide of Prime Minister Imran Khan”

But here’s what Hamza had tweeted on Kashmir and Article 370.

What’s even more interesting is that the Indian media claims that they have silenced the “fake news handlers” by exposing them, when in reality, the reason Hamza is not active on Twitter is because he has gone for Hajj.

Meanwhile, the Indian media also accused Zaid Hamid of being a “convicted criminal.” Along with that, he was also called “an assault rifle-happy former Pak Army veteran-turned ‘security analyst’.”