Acclaimed comedian Hanif Raja recently made an appearance on Nida Yasir’s show Good Morning Pakistan, where he opened up about the most traumatic event of his life.

Raja appeared on the show with his daughter Inshara, son Ahmad and daughter-in-law Hani. He opened up about what they went through when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2012.

Painful Story Of Comedian Hanif Raja Wife's Death |

Hanif said his wife battled the disease for six years and died on the 27th Ramazan in 2018. He added he did not talk about his wife’s condition as people would think he was asking for charity.


He called his wife a brave woman who kept him strong when he used to feel sad and took care of her children. He said his wife, despite being a cancer patient, used to cook food for the children before going for chemotherapy.

His children said their mother did not keep them in the dark about her disease so they would be mentally ready for her death.

It is pertinent to mention that Ahmed married Hani in October last year in the presence of friends, close ones, and celebrities. Hanif Raja said his son broke into tears while remembering his mother’s day on his wedding day.