TikTok star Hareem Shah has clarified that she was not arrested in Turkey. She also said that she will take legal action against media outlets spreading fake news regarding her arrest.

“A [piece of] news against me has been circulating on social media, electronic media, print media and a lot of them [media outlets] contacted me as well but I was busy at the time. A few days back, there was fake news about me claiming I’d been arrested in Turkey. I stayed silent because what am I supposed to say about this kind of fake news? Every other day people spread fake news saying something against me that’s false,” she said in a video statement on her YouTube channel.

“I will take legal action against all these channels. The way all of them — electronic media, print media and social media — were celebrating my alleged arrest. Honour and dishonour is in the hands of God and no such thing happened. I deny all false news about my arrest. You have previously spread fake news about my husband as well, ever since his name has joined mine. You used to put me down but now you have started speaking against him and spreading such fake news.”


Earlier, media reports suggested that Hareem, along with her husband, had been arrested at an airport in Turkey after the Turkish police recovered a large amount of gold and money from them.