The annual solar eclipse will be witnessed on Sunday, June 21 when the sun would appear like a circle or ring of light. During a solar eclipse, the Moon comes between the sun and the Earth, blocking its rays. At that moment, the Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned.

This solar eclipse will be an extremely rare one and will create a “ring of fire”. Amid all this, a conspiracy theory is doing rounds on social media that the world is ending on June 21.

But you all might be thinking what would happen and what we should be doing? Certain precautionary measures should be taken to avoid any harmful side effects. The solar eclipse will be witnessed from 09:30 am to 02:00 pm. 


Nobody should go out during the eclipse time and must avoid looking at the sun. Anyone viewing the eclipse from the ground is advised to use specialized eclipse viewing glasses to avoid causing serious damage to their eyes. Keep yourself especially the kids indoors. 

A WhatsApp video is doing rounds on social media that shows Pediatric ophthalmologist telling about how the eclipse can harm the children’s eyes.

Whatsapp forwarded video

There are also many myths and superstitions that eclipse could cause facial deformities or birthmarks to their babies. While there is no scientific backing to that, nobody should go out because “Eclipse blindness” is a real thing. It’s never safe for anyone to view the sun with a naked eye because it could permanently damage the retina. There are no proven eclipse-related health concerns for pregnant women or their babies. 

Here’s when it will be maximum in your city.