Heavy rains in Lahore didn’t just disrupt the flow of traffic yesterday but have also caused the main entrance gate of historical Shahi Qila to collapse.

According to details, continuous rain and accumulation of rainwater damaged the small wooden gate of the historical Lahore fort, causing it to collapse. The door is part of the Roshnai Gate which opens into the Food Street. The door was built during colonial rule.

After reports of the door collapsing made rounds on media, the Walled City Authority was quick to point out that the Roshani Gate itself is intact, but the small entrance gate has come unhinged due to the rain.


WLCA officials said that the door collapsed due to the accumulation of water in the food street and that it will be restored as soon as possible.

The historical Lahore Fort was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1981. It one of the oldest and biggest Mughal structure in the subcontinent. It continues to attract visitors from far and wide and is central to Lahore’s history and culture.