For the past couple of days, people in different cities of the country especially residents of Islamabad are experiencing conditions like nose bleeding, dry lips, dehydration, itchy eyes, difficulty in breathing and even static charges. However, no one seems to have figured out why it’s happening.

Talking to The Current, Associate Professor Medicine King Edward Medical University Lahore Dr Somia Iqtidar said the reason behind this all, especially nose bleeding is “low humidity”.

“Low humidity in the air may dry out your nasal passages and make the tiny blood vessels inside them more fragile,” explained Dr Somia. “Nosebleeds occur when these tiny vessels rupture”


She continued: “In some cases, nosebleeds may recur, usually because of some common triggers, which may include anything from allergies and infections to irritation from nose picking or blowing the nose.”

Dr Somia advised that in order to stop the nose from bleeding excessively one should stay hydrated and avoid picking or scratching your nose.

She further said that low humidity in the air is also to blame for static charges and suggested wearing cotton clothing to avoid them.

Dr Somia said that this is being experienced in Pakistan for the first time and is happening because of climate change, explaining that the country usually sees rainfall during this time of the year. She added that Pakistan is currently experiencing unusually dry winds which are causing these kind of symptoms in people.

Meanwhile, speaking exclusively to The Current  Muhammad Riaz said that the situation is expected to get better in the coming two to three days, adding that we should stay hydrated in this weather.