Aagha Ali has said that if Hina Altaf had any flaw, then he wouldn’t have chosen her as a life partner.

Aagha and Hina, who are one year into their marriage, were invited to Har Lamha Purjosh, hosted by Waseem Badami, and shared how they first met and some revealations about their relationship.

Talking about qualities of Hina, Aagha said: “If I had found a flaw in Hina, I wouldn’t have chosen her to spend my life with.”


Talking to Badami, Aagha and Hina shared that they first met on an ARY Zindagi show that Hina hosted, however, they first got talking on an Eid show in which they were the hosts.

While Hina denied that the two fought, Aagha confirmed that the two had, in fact, had some disagreements. “I would say it was a small disagreement because it was hard to develop a comfort level since we had to host the show together for the first time,” he shared.

The two then shared just how unpredictable life is. They ended up sharing their life together when they couldn’t even share the stage when they first met!

“Sometimes we sit and talk about how unbelievable it is! I could’ve never thought that I’d end up with Aagha and vice-versa. But we’re blessed,” said Hina Altaf.


When and how did they decide to get married then? Aagha shared that their friendship blossomed went they were cast together in a serial. “The show’s name was apt because we were in fact lost, and perhaps we were meant to find the right way to each other’s hearts and that’s how we became friends through that project,” he said.

Aagha termed their marriage a blend of friendship and arranged marriage, thanks to Hina becoming great friends with his mom who pushed him to pursue her for marriage.

“I had told Aagha that I want to settle down and that I was looking forward to settling down soon, and Aagha took that seriously,” said Hina Altaf, adding, “Aagha’s younger brother also pushed us to get our nikkah done on Jumma tul wida, and his mother and my father also wanted it to happen as soon as possible so.”