Hindu Mandir reopens in Sialkot after 72 years


An ancient Hindu temple, closed since Partition has once again been opened for worshippers after a long hiatus of 72 years.

As per details, the Shawala Teeja Singh Temple, located on Circular Road in Sialkot, is more than a 1,000 years old. It was opened on the directions of the Prime Minister Imran Khan and Evacuee Trust Property Board (EPTB) Chairman Dr Amir Ahmed. Members of the Hindu community had long been demanding for the temple to be opened.

The inauguration ceremony of the temple was conducted according to Hindu traditions. Restoration work on the temple will begin once the renovation cost has been estimated. Reportedly, statues of Hindu deities will also be brought in from India.

Punjab is full of religious sites for both Hindus and Sikhs. Earlier, a gurdwara dating back 500 years in Sialkot was opened for Sikh pilgrims.

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