Similar to the price of cars, motorcycle prices in Pakistan have reached an all-time high in the current year 2022. Not even a single two-wheeler among the credible and well-known brands costs less than Rs100,000.

Even the Chinese Road Prince 70cc model, which was viewed as a less expensive substitute for the Honda CD70, is currently being sold for about Rs75,000.

Motorcycle buyers are now giving the new Honda CD70 more thought even if it costs Rs116,000, as the Chinese competitors are no longer any less expensive. Customers also consider the Honda CD70 since it comes from a dependable brand that has long dominated the Pakistani motorcycle market.


The Honda CD70 has significantly better fuel economy than any other 70cc motorcycle made in China, and it is also much more durable than its competitively priced alternatives. It consumes relatively little fuel; some owners even assert that their bike travels more than 60 kilometers per liter, making it Pakistan’s most fuel-efficient bike.

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There is no denying that the Honda CD70 is the best motorcycle and actual road prince of Pakistan, considering the current price of petrol in Pakistan, the Honda CD70 is a much better option since it requires little to no upkeep and may help you save a lot of money.