Honda has increased the prices of its motorcycles for the fourth time this year bringing the new CD70 (cash deposit) to Rs84,500.

Furthermore, the famous Honda CG-125 has seen a price hike of Rs3,000 as it will now cost Rs139,500 against the old price of Rs 136,500. The price for CD70-Dream has jumped to Rs 90,500 after an increase of Rs2,600.

New price list for Honda bikes after price increase
New price list for Honda bikes after price increase

The new price of CG-125 (self starter) is now 167,500, while the price of a CB-125F is Rs200,500. CB-150F is for Rs255,500 after an increase of Rs3,000.


Earlier in April 2021, the motorbikes manufacturing company increased the prices up to Rs1,600 of Honda CD70, CD dream and Honda Pridor. The Honda CG125, CG 125F, Honda CG 125s, and Honda CB 150F each witnessed a price jump of Rs1,600.

The increase in the prices is happening now for the fourth time in 2021. First, the company increased the prices on New Year’s Eve. One month later, the company announced another price increase on February 1.

Honda Atlas has not provided any reason for price inflation. The value of the rupee had strengthened against the dollar and the general public was naturally expecting a decrease in the price, but Honda has lambasted people with four consecutive price hikes.

Lastly, Honda Atlas is famous for monotony in technology and design. Since the 1990s, Honda hasn’t brought any technical or aesthetical innovation to its bikes. In an insult to injury, the general sentiment is that the quality of bikes has further deteriorated.

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