China and the United States are in a race over who will master the technology first. On May 15, the United States President Donald Trump banned Huawei in the country. The reason cited was a “threat to national security”.China already leads the world in the mobile market sector, so it is very well expected that China will be on the top when it releases its 5g technology.

5G will change everything but How?

Wifi Everywhere


An entire building can get a direct 5G connection from a nearby cell, and within that building, every device can take advantage of 5G’s speeds via existing wifi connections, including TVs, game consoles, phones, desktop computers, laptops, etc.

Faster Downloading

5G will allow downloading 20 times faster than 4G.  The 5G technology will be up to twenty times faster than the 4G. downloading a two-hour long movie takes six minutes on a 4G network, while it will only take 3.6 seconds on a 5G network.

Smart Vehicles

When a whole city is online with 5G, and cars can communicate directly with other cars and traffic lights, traffic signals will respond appropriately. One day, you can quit waiting at a stop light when no other cars are around. The system will know when other vehicles are approaching fast enough to warrant a red light on your side, and will otherwise let you cross the intersection effortlessly.

Vehicles require GPS to know exactly where they’re located. The latest generation of GPS chips are even more accurate, direct car-to-car communication will make the whole experience even better, specifically when it comes to safety and traffic jams.

Smarter Healthcare

Exchanging information with your doctor or should be something you can tap into at any time, especially in emergency situations. An “on-demand doctor” will be there all the time.

Imagine the near future where smart wearable not only monitor your heart rate but also your blood sugar, hemoglobin, etc. The last thing you’d want in an emergency is for your device to not be able to communicate important data to your doctor because the connection was slow. With 5G your wearable will be able to quickly contact a server to update your health records for your doctor to see or to alert a family member that you need instant attention.