Superstar Humayun Saeed has spilled some beans on his fitness and young skin in a recent interview with ‘FWhy Podcast’. The Dillagi star shared the trick to his youthful and wrinkle-free skin.

He said, “I was working with an actress in London (The Crown) and there she asked me that what do you do with your face as you have a wrinkle free skin as she was younger than me and she had wrinkles on her face. According to me, because I eat a lot and don’t prefer dieting a lot maybe this is one of the reason behind a fresh face that I take a proper diet.”

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The Bin Roye hero added, “I do jogging, but I prefer cardio over weight lifting which surely improves my health. I’m not in favor of heavy weight lifting at all.”


“When we were at a phase where I had to make tough decisions, I started crying, thinking about what will happen if she ends up marrying someone else,” he said. “My parents were also not in favour, they thought it was not the right age for me but we stood our ground. And it proved to be the right decision.” “The strong woman that she is, she guided me through life and work,” Saeed gushed about the partner.

Later in the discussion, the actor recalled Samina initially being insecure about his work and on-screen romance with female actors, adding that she later befriended most of them and got along well.

“She realised they were all nice people. All of her worries went away. She’d bring food to the sets and talk to everyone,” he joked. Moreover, Saeed addressed an old conjecture of being involved with another girl while having Samina in his life. He clarified, “There wasn’t another girl in a way that I didn’t officially go on dates with her or something.”

He added, “We met once or twice at a wedding or something and we’d talk on calls. I had contacted her to meet and I wanted to tell her about Samina only but Samina found out and gave me an ultimatum. That was it.”

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For those unversed, Saeed married producer Samina in 1995, and the two are one of the top power couples in the industry.


During the conversation, Saeed also revealed that he had no plans for marriage until he met Samina and decided to take the plunge, despite the apprehensions from his family and friends.

On the work front, Humayun recently delivered a blockbuster film London Nahi Jaunga co-starring Mehwish Hayat and Kubra Khan.