Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has fired back at Indian journalist Arnab Goswami, whose Republic TV had labeled the former “an undercover Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agent” amid heightened cross-border tensions.

“So that over actor and war mongerer for ratings guy Arnab/his channel declared me an undercover ISI agent! Let me clarify: I am not an “undercover” ISI agent; I am very openly/proudly an ISI agent, just like more than 200 million Pakistanis are proud ISI agents! #15thAugustBlackDay [sic],” Abbasi tweeted.

The statement was followed by a series of tweets against Indian Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi’s “fascist regime” in the name of Indian nationalism.


“I always thought maybe I will not see a free Kashmir in my lifetime but seeing 1 blunder after another of Modi’s fascist regime and the delusional propaganda their fascist media outlets are spreading, I am now very confident that inshaAllah I will see a Free Kashmir very soon,” he furthered.