Actor Yasra Rizvi is not happy with her sharp memory because she believes “having a poor memory in show business pays off.”

Taking to Instagram, the Dil Na Umeed To Nahi actor shared a selfie along with a long note, saying: “Show Business is the kinda business where having a poor memory pays off. I however suffer from the ailment called not being able to forget. Occupational hazard! How do you write about or portray life when you don’t remember and register what you experienced or felt? Yourself or vicariously.”

“Things that happen or how people behave in certain situations even if left in the past become a part of our eternal selves, making up the hows and whys of what we think today, the context! And context is everything, nothing exists in isolation,” she added.


Appearing on a local talk show recently, the Malika-e-Aliya diva talked at length about her work ethics and criteria for selecting projects. When asked about what she looks for in a script, she stated, “To be honest, I don’t get offered many scripts maybe because people are a bit intimated/scared by me.”

The Churails star also believes that her projected voice and serious expressions turn people away.

Yasra welcomed her first born in May 2021 and named him Ibn e Adam.