Sarwat Gilani says that she has always been a churail.

In a recent interview Sarwat candidly talked about her character in Churails and her definition of feminism.

Responding to a question about who her favourite character, Sarwat said: “Sara in Churails. Undoubtedly.”


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When asked how the web series changed her, Sarwat said: “I was a very Churail-like person myself, I have always tried to carry women along.”

“I have travelled in all kinds of public transport during my university days to save money, so I have always been a Churail,” she continued. “But Churails taught me how to take ownership of your own problems.”

Later while talking about her thoughts on feminism, Sarwat said: “I would not say I am a feminist.”

She continued: “I feel a man has his own place. I feel that a certain time a woman needs a man, no matter how independent she is. I am an independent woman, but at the end of the day I feel like I need somebody, who would say that I will take care of you and who I can depend on.”

“But at the same time, especially in Pakistan when we talk about feminism, people think that men have nothing to do with it but there are so many men who help to promote feminism because they support their women to come forward, so I feel feminism is a very balance sort of idea where you say everything belongs to whoever earns it,” she added.

When the host questioned if Sarwat why she is hesitating to call herself a feminist, the actor said: “A lot of people think that feminism is all about women. I feel it has to do with men also. If a man is making changes in himself we can also call that feminism.”

“We misunderstand feminism, that is why I don’t call myself a feminist,” said Sarwat. “But yes I talk about equal rights.”

“I’m feminist but I also talk about the problems faced by men,” she added.

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Meanwhile, in a recent interview with The Current, Sarwat talked about her experience of working in Churails and how she felt when the series received backlash in Pakistan.