Qudsia Ali has won accolades from audiences for her performance as Tania in ‘Kuch Ankahi’, where she plays the younger sister of the family. Speaking to BBC Urdu, Ali opened up about what drove her to the script and how she fell in love with her character:

“When I read about Tania’s character, the first thing I loved about her was that she’s fearless. She isn’t afraid of anything. A lot of the times women in our families are scared of a lot of things like disapproval from their parents or even their families, especially my character who is scolded for eating. But she loves herself, she doesn’t mind if her mother calls her a ‘gama pelwan’ to which she responds ‘kya gama phelwan meri tarhaan cute tha?'”

Ali also shared what set Taniya apart from other characters in Pakistani dramas is how she has male friends. It is still quite rare that a man and a woman are shown as just friends and not be romantically innvolved:


“In the drama, Tania’s closest friend is a boy, which is a new thing for our industry to witness a boy and a girl being friends because in our society, we don’t believe in such things.”

The ‘Betiyaan’ actress also raved about working next to actors like Sajal Aly and Bilal Abbass.

“My first question had been ‘Who else has signed up for this drama?’ Then I was told that Sajal Aly and Bilal Abbas had, I was so overwhelmed and excited to become a part of this show.”

On the fan-favorite moments of the drama involving her interaction with Shakeel, played by Samad Khan, Ali revealed that most of their moments weren’t scripted. Instead, they were improvised.

“Our bond was based on how both of them are confident, despite their flaws. Shakeel fumbles while speaking but he owns it, while she is told she eats a lot but she doesn’t care. Which is why they have such a strong bond with each other.

Watch the complete interview below: