Saboor Aly has revealed a secret about her engagement to Ali Ansari, saying that it was just as surprising for the two of them as it was for their fans.

Saboor, who appeared on Amir Liaquat’s show with Ali just a few days before their engagement, shared with BBC Urdu that the two weren’t planning on anything even then.

“Mariam has always been a good friend of mine and she would talk about how she’s looking for a good girl for her brother and I would suggest eligible girls to him. I would suggest girls to consider him,” recalled Saboor with a laugh. The Gul-o-Gulzar actor went on to share how Mariam then started asking her to consider Ali, saying how he was “a very nice person and anyone who ends up with him would be very lucky.” However, Saboor did not give it much of a thought until her sister Sajal insisted on the same. “They asked us to talk to each other and see where it goes,” shared Saboor.


“When we started talking, I made it clear that I don’t want to prolong the talking stage and that if there had to be something, I’d want it to happen right away. I thought it would fizzle out after I said that but everything happened very quickly from there on,” she said.

Saboor didn’t even have a dress ready to wear on her baat pakki event, as things developed very suddenly. “Even when Ali was on his way with his family, I asked him if he was sure as I was scared but now I feel very lucky!” she gushed.