Residents of Hyderabad, Sindh are protesting after a 32-year-old woman, Qaratul Ain Baloch was killed by her husband on July 15.

The hashtag ‘Justice for Qarat-ul-Ain’ has been the top trend on Twitter since Saturday night.

As per reports, Baldia Police have arrested Omar Memon, husband of the deceased and son of former Sindh Irrigation Secretary Khalid Haider Memon, on the charge of murder and remanded him till July 22.


The initial post-mortem report of Liaquat University Hospital Hyderabad showed the victim was severely tortured before being murdered.

The report stated that the victim was choked to death, but a pathology report has not been released yet, which will determine the exact cause of death.

Speaking to Independent Urdu, the victim’s brother, Sanaullah Baloch said, “Looking at the post-mortem report and the condition of my sister’s body, I thought, how can a person do such violence to another person?”

“After this incident, I now think that I should not marry my daughters. The daughters are not a burden to hand them over to beasts.”

He said that her sister had been beaten several times by her husband over the past 10 years and that he had reported him to the police for domestic violence. He had also been arrested once but the family did not file for divorce due to societal pressure.

“Now people ask why we did not ask for a divorce when there was violence. But no one asks the sister’s father-in-law that why was he quiet when he knew that his son used to abuse his wife so much.”

Sanaullah Baloch claimed that after the murder, the attitude of the police was intolerable when he contacted the police to register an FIR. The police made him believe that they were trying to register a false FIR.

He said that his sister’s father-in-law Khalid Haider Memon said that I will get my son released based on my connections even if you register an FIR.
“I do not think we can get justice in this country. I am grateful to the civil society for helping us in registering the case but I do not know whether justice will be served or not.”

Speaking to Independent Urdu, Saima, lawyer of accused Omar Memon, said: “There is no truth in the statement of Sanaullah Baloch that Khalid Haider Memon came home and said that he will get his son released.”

According to the lawyer: “The FIR that has been lodged states domestic violence but it does not appear that the murder was due to violence.

“Every wife and husband fight these days. She may have slipped which caused her death, but we can only draw conclusions after a final police investigation.”

Hyderabad City ASP Alina Rajpar, who is investigating the case, said, “Police registered an FIR with the consent of the victim’s family. Everything they said was written in the complaint.”

A few hours after the FIR was filed, the police arrested the suspect.