Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said Saturday the remobilisation of Afghanistan’s armed forces was a “top priority”.

In a televised speech, Ashraf Ghani said, “As a historic mission, I will not let the imposed war on people cause more deaths.”

“In the current situation, the remobilisation of our security and defence forces is our top priority, and serious steps are being taken in this regard,” he said.


With the country’s second and third-largest cities having fallen into Taliban hands, Kabul has effectively become a besieged last stand for government forces who have offered little or no resistance elsewhere.

“Therefore, I have started extensive consultations inside the government with the elders, political leaders, representatives of people, and international partners on achieving a reasonable and certain political solution in which the peace and stability of the people of Afghanistan are envisaged.”

But Ghani praised the forces “that have defended the nation courageously and showed strong determination”.