Bollywood actress and model Sonam Bajwa held a Q&A session with fans on Twitter and announced that she will definitely come to visit Pakistan this year.

“I will definitely come this year,” she responded to a fan’s request to visit Pakistan.

Previously, Bajwa had expressed her love for Pakistani actor Mahira Khan on a Twitter post. When a twitter user had asked her to comment on the trolls coming after Mahira Khan for looking similar to her, Bajwa responded:
“I love love and love Mahira Khan.”



Mahira had responded with ‘Hey you 🙂 sending you lots of love x’

Bajwa had also previously revealed that she had a crush on singer and actor Fawad Khan. In a conversation with Connect FM Canada, Bajwa revealed that if Khan was not married, she would have dated him.

 “I don’t eye on married men. It’s Fawad Khan, so if he wasn’t wed, I’d make my move.”