Nobel Peace Prize laureate and education activist Malala Yousafzai, during a conversation with Dawn News programme, ‘Live with Adil Shahzeb’, said, “I wrote a letter to the prime minister about women’s rights in Afghanistan but so far have not received any response.”

Anchorperson Adil Shahzeb questioned Malala on girls’ education, a cause she has been advocating and supporting for years. Malala expressed her worry over the situation in Afghanistan.

“The current temporary restriction on girls’ education [in Afghanistan] shouldn’t turn out to be as long as in their (Taliban’s) first tenure [in the government], when the ban stretched for five years,” she said, adding that she feared something similar. “We don’t want a repeat of their previous rule.”


When asked about Pakistan’s role for girls’ education in Afghanistan, she said “I am very much hopeful that Prime Minister Imran Khan would … champion [the cause],” she said, urging him to push the Taliban to ensure female education and women’s rights in Afghanistan.

Speaking about the Taliban in general, the Nobel laureate said, “One should not differentiate between the good and bad [Taliban] as their thinking is the same — of repression [and] forcing their own laws,” further adding, “I do not see any justice system in their governance, but Islam is based on [the principles of] justice,” she said.