IBM is launching Open P-TECH in Pakistan to help develop talent and equip them with technical and professional proficiency in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, Cybersecurity, Cloud, etc to enabling our workforce, Tania Aidrus has tweeted.

Open P-TECH was launched by the American tech giant, IBM and it aims to equip people of different countries with skills in tech-related fields like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Cyber Security, Design Thinking, and Professional Skills.

“The P-TECH offers industry-recognised tools and digital badges on emerging technologies and professional competencies that are in demand across industries,” says the P-TECH website.


The platform will help students across Pakistan in obtaining much-needed exposure, knowledge and skills before they enter the job market.

Students will be able to showcase their skills and gain e-badges and the likes, attracting potential employers and selection committees at universities.

Teachers will also have access to projects and lesson plans for their students, making it easier for them to teach as well as equipping them with many technical and professional skills.

“Open P-TECH is a great place to start your career exploration and begin building skills that will help you become well-positioned for a fulfilling career!”