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‘#IbshamZahidBehindTheBars’: Guy under fire for sending rape, death threats to girl

A girl, named Fatima, has recently come forward to share her story of being harassed and tortured by a guy named Ibsham Zahid.

She posted a few screenshots on an Instagram account.

The girl shared images, audio and video clips that show how she was being forced into a ‘relationship’ by Ibsham.

As per the girl’s account, Ibsham started threatening her after she refused to get into a relationship with him. The girl shared a video that shows the boy threatening the girl to kill her father if she doesn’t consent to the boy’s wishes.

Ibsham can be seen flaunting his weapons to frighten the girl and her family.

 “Hum Baloch hain. Hum dil nahi tortay, hum hadian tortay hain. Samajh mein aa rahi hai baat? Warna wo jo cheezain pari hui hain na wo istemal ho jayain gi ap per,” Ibsham said in the video.

Amid all this, Ibsham’s sister also took to social media to tell her side of the story, in a very long Instagram post, she revealed that Ibhsam is just 16 years old and he is suffering from mental health conditions. She revealed that her brother was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), anger management issues and is highly emotionally unstable.

She also mentioned that her parents are making conscious efforts for his treatment through the help of multiple professionals but they have not been able to successfully do it.

She further mentioned that she, along with her mother, had also gone to Fatima’s house to apologise for Ibsham’s actions.

Upon receiving a clarification by Ibsham’s sister, Fatima stated that Maarosh was twisting the facts to tell another version of the story and she was “lying about the events that never happened”.

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