Actor Muneeb Butt has opened up about the backlash that he receives from his wife Aiman Khan’s fans as they accuse him of controlling her acting career.

Speaking with BBC Urdu in a recent interview, the Baddua hero revealed that he does not partake in the Ishq Tamasha diva’s choice to work.

“If my wife wants to give time to her family, to her child and enjoy family life, then I support her in that decision,” he told the host.


“People have turned me into a villain, saying, ‘Muneeb Butt has made Aiman Khan quit acting.’ There is nothing like that,” the actor concluded.

The Baandi star continued, “I don’t ask her not to work or to work. She has the leverage to make her own decisions. If she does not want to work, she is not working. If she will want to, that is her own decision. I don’t interfere in that.”

“I believe I have rights on Aiman as a husband, but I never want to impose anything on her. She has the right to live her life how she wants.”